Starring Affiliates! + Blog Roll?

You might've already noticed my new "starring affiliates" section on the left sidebar, but I'm going to officially announce them now and feature some of their posts this week. As of now, I'm still debating whether I want to do a seperate post for affiliate news or incorporate that into my In My Mailbox post, though more news on that as next weekend approaches. If you'd like to be affiliates, just tell me in a comment. I like to think of affiliates as not just plain promotion but a support community, so I can't say I'll definitely become affiliates with you but it doesn't hurt to ask! :)

Alyssa, Jake, and Gregory at Teens Read and Write
If you haven't heard of their blog yet, you're seriously missing out. There's the saying more the merrier, and they definitely prove that with their unique three teaser tuesdays and different perspectives in reviews.

Right now, they're hosting The Megabook Giveaway: The Sequel, so head on over and check it out. The more followers, the more books, and they're now up to 14 winners - wow!


I absolutely love Pirate Penguin Reads for Sandy's fun interviews and honest, personality-enfused reviews.

Sandy recently had an interview with A Match Made in High School's author Kristin Walker, and she gave it a glowing 5-star review. She's also in the process of translating her review into Spanish for international readers, which I think is an awesome idea! You can see Sandy's translation of the summary of this book here. (If only I didn't already suck at English and totally fail at Chinese and Spanish...)


Last but not least, Lucy. Lucy just started her blog in December, but she's already got 100+ followers and such an adorable blog. She's super nice and just as sweet as her layout!

She has a cool feature that spotlights other blogs, and you can find out more info here. You basically just have to answer six questions, and can I add that the button is c-u-t-e?!
Lucy also recently did a post about becoming affiliates herself, and if you're interested, head on over here and comment.

Whew, that was a lot to post about. Anyways, I'm super excited to be affiliates with all these awesome blogs, and I'm excited to see where this will go from here! I highly recommend checking out all of these YA book blogs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Second order of business, I was thinking of taking down my buttons on my right sidebar and making a blog roll instead, something along the lines of Kate's blog roll at The Neverending Shelf. That way, more blogs will have exposure while saving you some load time for all the javascript. Any thoughts on this? If I do decide to do a blog roll, I'll put up a post later next week asking bloggers who are interested in being on the blog roll to comment.

AND lastly, I'll be posting my review of The Iron King by Julie Kagawa next week, sorry!