Throwdown Thursday - 2

Throwdown Thursday is a meme started by Kate at The Neverending Bookshelf. It is a weekly thing where we tackle books with similar characters, covers, themes, etc. to determine which one rocks more. And it is up to YOU to determine the winner!

Last Week's Winner: Angels - You guys thought vampires are getting cliche! I hate to admit it, but I sort of agree these days.
Check out last week's Throwdown Thursday here.

I'm not even kidding. I'm going completely insane. Yesterday, I was looking at Throwdown Thursday and wondering when I would have to post the results, but I thought it was only Tuesday! Hm, the strange workings of my mind... Anyways, Throwdown Thursday has temporarily turned into Throwdown Friday, and I'm sorry. I'll try not to let this happen again!

I think this week's throwdown will be haaarrrd for you die-hard Edward fans out there!

Edward vs. Mr. Darcy

Comment with your vote by next Thursday, and I'll tally up the opinions then. I know I've sort of been sticking to Edward comparisons, but I'll change it up next week. Hope you guys have fun with this question, and I'll give my opinion next week with the results!