Beautiful Covers = Beautiful Story

After reading Hush Hush, I realized just how much utterly gorgeous covers really effect me. Even if the plot is nonexistent, the characters are undeveloped, and the setting is bland, I can truthfully, and shamefully, say that I will definitely, definitely still give the book one star. Like when I go to the bookstore, I automatically will not ever buy a book with an ugly cover. Just like how I automatically expected Hush Hush to be a 5 star, because of the awesome cover. I had to force down my prejudice to give it a honest rating, but it was oh-so-tempting to just smack a 5 star down on Patch's half-naked body.

And here's the cover of Fallen by Lauren Kate, which also has a blindingly-beautiful cover, in my opinion. And, because of that, can't wait to buy it! :)

I feel so ashamed of myself. Am I the only one who feels this way?