Honest Scrap Award!

Thank you so much to Becky over at The Bookette for nominating me! The description for this award is very cute, and I couldn't love it anymore than I already do!

This is the Honest Scrap award. It is for those bloggers who write from the heart. The rules are to pass it along to seven bloggers and then list 10 honest things about myself. Here are those deserving of this honour, bloggers who write from the heart and touch me because of it (and I'm going to try to nominate blogs that haven't already received this award, so that doesn't means I don't love yours!):

Angiegirl at Angieville
Brizmus at Brizmus Blog Books
Natalie at Mindful Musings

10 honest things about me:

1. I used to think bugs would crawl up my nose, down my mouth, and into my ears while I slept. Trust me, I had a very special sleeping pose.
2. I'm still scared of the toilet monster. Especially in public bathrooms when no one's there. But let's pretend I never said that?
3. I cannot stand heated plastic, at all. Just the thought of it makes me want to gag.
4. Hearing about painful injuries also makes me want to gag. Seeing them actually does make me gag. I had to excuse myself from my Biology class once because this woman in the movie we were watching was talking about her extensive injuries, even though I covered my eyes so I didn't have to look at the fake reenactment. Then I stumbled down the halls and almost fainted, and I'm even exagerrating. I'm such a wimp.
5. I'm a total and complete perfectionist. And dominatrix, or at least I wish I was. I have to take control over everything and make it just right, so don't believe me if I let you handle something yourself!
6. I'm a silent crier. And I cry often. I never make sounds when I cry unless I want to, and a couple silent tears always come out when I'm frusturated, especially when it's with myself. And, I look really ugly when I cry. Is that honest?
7. Sometimes, I wish the bad boys in books were real. Actually, almost all the time.
8. I'm intimidated very easily. I think the publishers of books are machines; I'm afraid to email one.
9. I don't like weird animal foods, period. And that includes squid. And any type of insect.
10. I am the worst liar in the universe. Everytime I tell a lie, I feel so bad that I immediately tell the truth. Or I just smile and look like a complete idiot... then they tell me I'm lying.

And, as a side note, I joined Dewey's read-a-thon today! It's this Saturday, starting at 1:00 GMT, which means I'll only be able to read for the beginning couple hours. But I'll try! If you haven't heard of this read-a-thon, you might want to check it out over here. And please tell me if you're participating! :)