ABC Meme

Time for a little more about me! Mel (He Followed Me Home) tagged me with this fun meme:

Available or in a relationship? Available

Best Friend? Hard to say. This one always stirs up trouble for me, so I’ll stick to my old friend Perry in CT. It’s nice to have a best friend that doesn’t know your other friends. :)

Cake or Pie? Cake all the way. Pie is a little too sweet for me.

Drink of choice? Strawberry/banana smoothie.

Essential item for every day use? My iPod. Music makes me relax after a hard day.

Favorite color? Probably a shade of blue hinting toward black or gray.

Google? Are we talking about the number here? Because I frankly can’t remember how many zeros there are...

Hometown? Edison, NJ

Indulgences? Books and shiny electronics.

January or February? January.

Kids and their names? No kids yet.

Life is incomplete without…? My family and friends... and books, haha.

Marriage date? Not married yet.

Number of siblings? One.

Oranges or apples? Oranges. Apples are sort of boring...

Phobias and fears? Public restrooms, spiders, and death.

Quote for the day? Art doesn't transform. It just plain forms. –Roy Lichtenstein

Reason to smile? I have great friends that will always get my back.

Season? Fall. It’s not cold enough to freeze my hands off, and there’s little to no sun.

Unknown fact about me? When I was little, I used to sleep in a weird position so bugs wouldn’t get into my nose, mouth, ears, etc. And there’s still the toilet monster.

Vegetable you hate? Eggplants. They look weird and they taste funny. I mean what were they thinking with a purple plant?

Worst habit? Ugh, procrastinating and forgetting things.

X-rays you’ve had? None; I’ve never broken nor sprained anything.

Your fave food? Hamburgers. You should go to Charlie’s Steak House in FL; their hamburgers are the best!

Zodiac sign? Libra. Wish me a happy birthday on October 3. :)

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