The Saturday Network (31) -- The Last One?


WHAT IS THE SATURDAY NETWORK? The Saturday Network was started in January 2010, and is meant to be a quick, easy way for you to network your blog and, more specifically, get comments! All you have to do is comment on the previous blog and, in return, you're guaranteed a comment by the next participant. We all love comments, right? :)

I also randomly feature a Saturday Networker every week, and it could be you!


First off, thanks to the three bloggers who participated last week: Ms. Martin Teaches Media, Mindful Musings, and Eating YA Books

Secondly, I'm considering stopping The Saturday Network. Should I? As some of you may know, I started The Saturday Network all the way back in January 2010 and it used to have 20-30+ participants per week. But the number now is down to three as of last week. So I'm wondering if anyone still enjoys it and, if not, perhaps I should be posting some real content over the weekend.

The main reason I'm posting about this now is because I recently discovered the Comment Exchange Program over at YA Addict. It's very similar to TSN but has much more participation than over here... So maybe I should just wave the white flag and give up on my one-year old baby. ):

Anyways, if this is the last one, we're going out with a bang:

The Rolling Stones -- A Bigger Bang CD cover

To Participate:
1. Submit your blog in this format:

Blog Name - Child/MG/YA/Adult/ALL (genres(s) you review)
Blog link to post
 ie. Books At Midnight - YA/MG
2. Head to the blog listed before yours and comment on his/her linked post. Thoughtful comments are appreciated, but if you really can't think of anything to say, feel free to just drop a line and say "hi!"

3. That's it! I encourage you to visit more blogs and I hope you find a blog to enjoy! :)