Giveaway: A Cute Button ♥

Quick post alert. It's not entirely book-related but... have I told you that I love witty jokes? I'm not generally a fan of crude humor, but give me a pun and I'll have a field day. I'm planning on ordering these adorable/witty/awesomeasflyingcows pins from beanforest's shop on Etsy, so I thought why not buy a pin for one of you readers while I'm at it? Granted, they're only $1 each (my sister and I bought 18 pins last time), but it's the thought that counts, right? And I just wanted to share my love for these 1.25" mounds of joy. ♥

A few pins I enjoy. I own the Marie Antionette eating cake and the Shakespeare quote pins. :)

So open internationally, and please comment with the pin of your choice -- either the name its sold by or its link. This giveaway will close at whatever time I choose to order the pins, which will likely be early next week (read: in the next few days).

For the record, beanforest does not know I'm touting his pins. I only hope that you'll find one that will bring a smile onto your face like these do to me!

Note: I might post later with a review. We'll see how life flows.