Button Winner & Updates

... I noticed I have an annoying habit of titling my posts "A & B." But I can't help it -- I have a lot to say. I'm pretty sure I could talk all day when I'm "feeling" a topic. How do you restrain your titles to just "A" and not "B?"

Anyways, I'm still pretty braindead due to just arriving home from my college visiting trip, but I'm here! For the updates section, I'll definitely be posting less next week and in May due to the bane of my high school existence: standardized testing. I have quite a few giveaways and author interviews scheduled that hopefully you guys will enjoy, but that also means it'll be quieter next week as I arrange those while cramming like crazy. Most of the contests are U.S. only, but I'll be announcing an international followers contest next week. :)

Now, for the button winner (with my simple, new winner banner)...

Yan (#14)

Congrats, Yan! I'll email you soon. And even for those that didn't win, I'm glad you found them as humorous and uplifting as I did. <33

Signing off for now, but more info coming on IMMM this weekend! Perhaps even a vlog...