Weekly Debate (14): Bathroom Breaks

If you can't tell, I'm kind of stumped in the creativity department these days, so if you want to suggest a question sometime, please go ahead! Sprinkled donuts awarded to anyone who throws one out~

how cute is this? ♥

Anyways, I was sitting in the car thinking of Angelfire (an awesome book that I'll review tomorrow) and the main character's love for showers... and, of course, that got me thinking... bathroom breaks. Or, more accurately, what bathroom breaks? When I read, I generally don't notice characters' magical bladders. Yet, like today, sometimes I'm hit with a strange, discomforting feeling, wondering why don't I have one too? It's like a catch-22; I don't want to hear the details of going to the bathroom, but I still want characters to be realistic and go to the bathroom. It's just like how I say I don't like stereotypical characters, yet it seems like I'm always attracted to the same strong heroines and the same dark, sensitive bad boys. I won't lie, I like them tall, dark-haired, and loaded with smirks. I like to pride myself on admiring the unique, but what's cliche is cliche because it works and I'm not immune to that.

So how to go about these things? Is there anything such as a "tasteful" bathroom scene?... Actually, I think I'd just find that too disturbing. But perhaps working in another character saying "*jerk hand towards hallway* Bathroom, be right back," would work. Though maybe this bathroom "thing" is just me. Frankly, I don't notice it often, but it sometimes just nags in the bag of my mind... SO, excuse my ramblings. This was basically my stream of consciousness after a long and tiring day. It's just me thinking about how I say I want to read gritty, realistic fiction and being disappointed in myself when I find it's not always true. I like my white picket fence and perfect square. I like straight lines. I like cliche.

So I don't know if/how/why you want to respond to this. I'm not even sure what questions to pose. To stick with the status quo: What do you think of bathroom breaks in novels? Any other thoughts on my brain-purge?

Dudes, I think I just went off into the twilight zone. (Sorry for this debate-fail. I think I was much more coherent at the beginning.)

THIS IS ME. I'm spinning 'round looking pimpin' in the desert. Reminds me of Gaara from Naruto.