What's Up for This Week

Again, no review?! I know, I know. But I have two reviews scheduled for this week as well as an awesome author...

Leah Cypess! The awesome author of Mistwood, which she debuted with just a few days ago on April 27th.

Here's the schedule for those (hopefully all!) of you that are interested:

Monday - Introduction with teaser
Tuesday - GIVEAWAY! (We all love these, right?)
Wednesday - My review
Thursday - Interview
Monday, 5/10 - Guestpost and question time

If you noticed, there's a missing Friday because Leah can't make it that day, though that's understandable. Instead, I'll be reviewing Crossing by Andrew Fukuda and continue with the regular weekend posts before Leah pops back.

Anyways, that's basically it, and I hope you're as excited as I am! Especially because Mistwood is amazing for fantasy lovers out there. Let's just say those comparisons to Kristen Cashore's works are fairly true. And with that, I leave you with one parting video that my good friend showed me today...

Lol, I was completely wondering what the point of this video was until the end. (And they're famous Korean pop groups, by the way.)