The Saturday Network (16)

... Okay, wow. I know I was supposed to post a review of Crossing yesterday (which will again be postponed to Tuesday), but I got home from work then collapsed on my bed... then sort of slept from 7PM until 10AM this morning! Oops! I'm finished with tests for now though, so I'll be back onto commenting. I'll also add up the entries for the Amazon GC contest and announce the winner soon. :D

This week's featured blogger is Kathrin (SN#11) from Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic, who reads and reviews a great mix of young adult and adult fiction on her blog. She just announced winners for her birthday and 4th blogaversary (wow) contests and a list of interesting books she's reading now. So go and check her out!

For Bloggers:
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For Non-bloggers:
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