Guest Blogger: A Fanatic Book Blog + Giveaway!

Eep, sorry I've been MIA, guys! It's been a hard week, but summer's almost here; thanks for sticking it out with me. :)

Anyways, Jessica, a new blogger from A Fanatic Book Blog, has graciously offered to be spotlighted here (as my first guest blogger), so please give her a warm welcome!

The Power of the Review 

So I hemmed and hawed about what to write in this post. Jenn was sweet enough to offer me this spot on her blog and the opportunity to make sure that whatever I wrote came from my heart!

As I pondered, I did what I usually do and made my rounds to some of my favorite book related forums. Lo and behold…there was my answer! This is what I needed to write about. Strap yourselves in my friends. It’s time to discuss the power of reviews.

Let me begin by explaining what made me want to write this. As I was browsing in my favorite forums, I came upon a thread that was completely trashing a particular book.  I don’t think any of these people meant their opinion to be taken this way. No, they were simply talking about what they disliked about said book in a comfortable setting. However, in wanders in a new user (we’ll call her Susie Bookreader) and she reads this unintentionally vicious thread.  Her simple comment? “Wow, I won’t be reading this book anytime soon.”  This made my blood boil. After I calmed down, I thought it out. Not everyone understands the power of their words.

As book bloggers, we hold a special place in the world of reading. Although I’m still fresh, I know the book blogs I follow I hold in high esteem. Their opinions really do matter to me. So, if I, a person who has read tons of books, think that much of other’s reviews, what must new and budding reader think?
How about an example not related to books? How many times have you ever REALLY wanted to see a movie, but you read the reviews online and they are horrible? After skipping that movie in theaters, you happen to rent it later on and realize that you absolutely love it! It becomes one of your favorites and you might have passed it up just because of a bad review. Just because someone decided that since they disliked it, you would too.

Does this mean we can’t dislike books? No, not in the least! If you dislike a book, that is your opinion as a reader. The point really, is we must to be careful how we portray our dislike to others.  The same book bloggers I hold in such high esteem have mastered writing negative reviews. Yes, they explain what they dislike. However they also know how to praise what was good in the book, and how to recommend it to others despite their opinion.  This is a perfect balance of their opinion which gives the book a chance to be read by many.

Thank you, Jessica! She's also decided to offer an amazingly adorable Snuggle Bunnie! YES, I WANT ONE TOO. (You can view more of her cute crochet animals and other crafts on her etsy page.) 

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