The Saturday Network (24)

WHAT IS THE SATURDAY NETWORK? The Saturday Network is meant to be a quick, easy way for you to network your blog and, more specifically, get comments! All you have to do is comment on the previous blog and, in return, you're guaranteed a comment by the next participant. We all love comments, right? :)

I also randomly feature a Saturday Networker every week, and it could be you!


First, I'm so, so sorry for the lack of posts this week! There's just been so much going on, including cramming for and getting my driver's permit yesterday. *happy dance* If you see a driver on the road that moves at about 5mph and looks like she's possibly in danger of crashing, that may be me. WATCH OUT. I've also been in charge of getting my summer volunteer group for music up-to-date and it's been drama, drama, DRAMA. You'd be surprised by how passionately a certain teenage boy cares about classical music... and how much others want to rip his head off. I'm also starting an entrepreneurship program on Monday but the posting (and hopefully commenting) should be back to normal, whew. Sorry for the late Saturday Network too; we were having our final volunteer training session this morning. :)

Oh, and thanks to all my lovely fellow anime-movie watchers! I read all of your comments and suggestions and I'm glad I'm not the only Howl's Moving Castle lover - which would be such a sad tragedy. I'll do a follow-up post sometime!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be extending my 700 followers contest to Thursday because I won't really have time to look through the entries before then. I'll be announcing the ARCs that are up for grabs on either Monday or Tuesday, so check back!

Anyways, back to the featured blogger again! This week's featured blogger is Cara (SN#27) from Chasing Words. She's a fellow YA book blogger that gives detailed ratings and has an adorable layout. She recently posted about her favorite fictional YA boys, which I couldn't agree more with! ;D

To Participate:
1. Submit your blog to Mr. Linky in this format:

Blog Name - Child/MG/YA/Adult/ALL; R
(genre(s) you review; R = if you feel your blog is for mature audiences only, 18+)
Blog link

 ie. Books At Midnight - MG/YA

2. Head to the blog listed before yours and comment on his/her most recent post (or the previous one if it's rated R and you're under 18). Thoughtful comments are appreciated, but if you really can't think of anything to say, feel free to just drop a line and say "hi!"
3. That's it! I encourage you to visit more blogs and I hope you find a blog to enjoy! :)

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