The Saturday Network (23)

WHAT IS THE SATURDAY NETWORK? The Saturday Network is meant to be a quick, easy way for you to network your blog and, more specifically, get comments! All you have to do is comment on the previous blog and, in return, you're guaranteed a comment by the next participant. We all love comments, right? :)

I also randomly feature a Saturday Networker every week, and it could be you!


Thanks for the comments last week! It seems like all of you liked the new Mr. Linky version, so it's here to stay. And I've been getting behind on the comments and posting a little, but I'll get back on it once I get back from my NYC trip - which will definitely include a stop by Strand. So excited! :D

As a heads up, there won't be a post tomorrow because my computer is screwing up. RIGHT WHEN I DID MY FIRST VLOG, gah. But I'll work through that again when I get back. Feel free to participate in The Saturday Network on Sunday too! There won't be a featured blogger this week, sorry, but there will be next week.

To Participate:
1. Submit your blog to Mr. Linky in this format:

Blog Name - Child/MG/YA/Adult/ALL; R
(genre(s) you review; R = if you feel your blog is for mature audiences only, 18+)
Blog link

 ie. Books At Midnight - MG/YA

2. Head to the blog listed before yours and comment on his/her most recent post (or the previous one if it's rated R and you're under 18). Thoughtful comments are appreciated, but if you really can't think of anything to say, feel free to just drop a line and say "hi!"
3. That's it! I encourage you to visit more blogs and I hope you find a blog to enjoy! :)

And if you'd like to grab and post the button anywhere, you can find the code on the right side-bar, thanks!