The Development of "Reading on the Toilet"

I have a huge piano test coming up tomorrow, so my mind is sort of short-circuiting. Hence, we have come to this amazing, brain-stimulating wonder... *dum dum dum* READING ON THE TOILET.

I'm not entirely sure who to credit this to, sorry! From wordpress.

How did "reading on the toilet" come to be you ask? Well, this all started long, long, long ago...

[dramatic story]

There once lived a simple man named (simple name here). He had a loving family, a reasonablly successful business, (insert other signs of moderate fortune here) and a grudge against the world, for the world did not immediately acknowledge his inherent greatness and grand destiny. Determined to prove his self-worth, this simple man developed a strong fetish with time management and maximized productivity. In fact, he could cut the both hands' fingernails - simultaneously... while singing Britney Spears songs.

Yet, one day, he found he was lacking.

What was he lacking? Where was he lacking? How could he be lacking?

It all boiled down to... the toilet. *cue foreboding music* Day after day, he suffered through the monotnous experience of just sitting. Could he consider himself efficient if he did not make use of the precious time spent on this white, pristine throne?! NO! The Greater Ones that Be had finally sent him a test to earn the god-like worship he believed he so rightfully deserved. And would he bow down in the face of defiance? Would he succumb to the difficulty of the task? He endured. He pondered. He went to Home Depot to buy a magazine stand for his bathroom then added a subcription to Seventeen magazine. And so he conquered.

And that was the day reading on the toilet was invented.

[/dramatic story]

Having read that, you now know that I completely 110% fail at originality and story-telling. But that's okay! The story was just for your (hopefully) enjoyment at my embarassing expense. The main point is: reading on the toilet has been here for... who knows when? I admit that I DO IT. Not everyday, but reading does not stop because you enter the bathroom - or at least not for me. The sign of a good book is that if I absolutely have to go to the bathroom, then that book is coming with me. No "if"s, "and"s, or "but"s about it. Wait, there might actually be a "butt" about it after all... Haha, my weak attempt at a pun.

Though it seems I was unaware of the dangers of reading on the toilet. That I, in fact, was contributing to my hemorrhoid growth (link to esquire)...

Now that I've exposed both my private habit and horrible writing skills, I think it's your turn. How do you think reading on the toilet came about? What do you think of it? I would ask if you participate in it too, but that seems personal, lol. But I have no shame (sort of)!