(Contest) Just Because You're Special...

credit to fanpop.com

And I'm so not. But more importantly, you are special! Especially for sticking with me while I've been absent. As promised and as an apology and recognition of your total awesomeness, I'm holding just a little mini-contest - so forgive me? (Yes, bribery works wonders. And so do cute, sad pupy eyes.) ;)

Mini-prize: $10 AMAZON.com GIFT CARD

· Open to anyone (but please know that amazon.com is not the same as amazon.ca, for example)
· To enter, fill out the form below. As much as they are appreciated, comments do not count as an entry!
· Ends Thursday, May 6th, 11:59 EST

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me anytime. I'll be emailing the winner with the online code for the gift card, so please make sure you leave a valid email address; thanks!

And because I've neglected my lovely affiliates, the only way to enter is to follow at least one of them, though you don't have to follow me. Easy-peasy, right? Don't worry, they're all amazing, so take a look around. I promise you won't regret it. :D