Fail, Flail, and All That's In Between

THE FAIL: School, blogging, and life in general. I know I need to refocus myself and get on the fast-track-to-college train, but [insert frustrations and stresses too much for words]. *sigh* It's another bout of the teenage confused-with-life-and-my-purpose.

At this stage, I think everything's just piled up to the point that I'd rather not look at it and pretend it just isn't there. I know it's bad, but... ): I'm not trying to excuse myself from any of my work, but I simply won't be around on the blog as often. While I definitely see blogging as part-obligation, what makes blogging special to me would die if I tried to post daily with the college, project, and other extracurricular stresses right now. I'll still be around, but my emailing and commenting will be extremely limited; I hope you guys understand.

(FYI: I've started to stop announcing giveaway winners in separate posts and to just email them.)

THE FLAIL: ...I feel like a flailing magikarp in life right now. :o Pokemon allusions never fail to capture a heart's true feelings.

...God, Pokemon sprites are just so FREAKING CUTE. :3

ALL THAT'S IN BETWEEN: I am determined not to be passive about my laziness and WILL buckle down once my red moleskine planner arrives *snuggles*, hopefully later this week. As for blog-related things, I'm aiming to get a review or some mini-reviews up this week. I WILL. *renewed will* And possibly some random babble about my other interests in life or any ramble-y topics that spring forth from the well of inspiration.

To keep it on a mildly book-related note:

Disagree? Let me know. Not saying you'll change my mind, but let me know. We can always duke it out, but look at the picture and tell me again that Alex isn't the best Fuentes. :P


2) I just received and read THE FOX INHERITANCE by Mary E. Pearson, and it's pretty creepily-awesomely intense. I've yet to read THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX, but I can at least partially attest to it's merit.

3) ...Magazines count, right? Did you know Taylor's Lautner's the cover for Seventeen's October issue? When was the last time they had a male cover, hm...

Though, really, what that inspired me to do was search up Taylor Lautner on Google. Four most popular terms that follow his name (i.e. Taylor Lautner [popular word]): 1. pictures, 2. workout, 3. girlfriend, and 4. height...who knew his height was that important? xD

In contrast, when you search up my name, you get: 1. entrepreneur (...), 2. md (which is where I live!), 3) yale (HA, in my dreams), and 4. futurethink (dunno what this is). Very telling of my bland life.

If you're interested, what are the four most popular terms following your name? :) 

OKAY, this is turning towards random babble again, so I'll just leave off with the entertainment of some Pokemon sprites. Do you recognize all of them?

Highlight right below to reveal the answers! 
From left-to-right: Cleffa, Pikachu, Piplup, Suicune, and Dragonite. Some of the cutest IMO, but Dragonite is actually one of my favorites for its abilities. Smogon-lurker, FTW.

Flapping off until next time~