Why I'm NOT blogging...

Just saying. I'm finally watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1 right NOW. As in 1 hour 33 minutes right now. IT'S SO INTENSE. Though did that locket horcrux's buzzing noise hurt anyone else's ears?

And hey, I hope it's a good enough excuse. With some eye candy:

has anyone NOT seen this? 8DDDDD

I find it interesting how the light blocks most of Ron's face... and H&H are together.

I really wish I could go to the midnight showing of part two (with my HP/just Harry-obsessed friends!), but I'll be doing a week long summit for my internship. ): But:

Are YOU going to a midnight showing? How are you showing your HP pride? :D

Anyways, back to HP craziness. OHMYGODRONNNNN. *flails* I NEED TO GO BACK NOW, SORRRRY. More TFFOS goodness coming tomorrow, and I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!